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The Cast of Characters

from The Letter Wars

Here are the main people involved in the saga. Most names have been changed to protect the...hmm...the, uh...well, the mostly innocent bystanders and, of course, our prime protaganist: Aunt Priscilla, Queen of the Northwest.

Note: For an easier understanding of the family relationships, check out the Family Tree.


The main characters

NameBackground information
Priscilla, Queen of the Northwest* Wes' aunt the fundamentalist. She was always a favorite of his growing up, being a normal, loving person. Then, a few years back, when the Rabid Right started frothing on about The Gay Agenda, she seemed to get rabies. We think it's too late for shots: It's definitely affected her mind.
Susan Wes' sister, who is five years older. They're very close. She is the one who was going to hold the family gathering called "The Uncles' Party." At the time, she lived in the same small Oregon town that Priscilla lived in: Dallas. (Yes, it's really called Dallas. It's about 30 miles west of the state capitol, Salem.)
Wes Playing himself. Wes and Tom were already together three+ years when The Uncles' Party was going to be held.


Others dragged into the crap

NameBackground information
Genevieve* This is Wes' other sister, who is eight years older. They're also very close. She lives in "Fort Worth" Texas. (Actually she's in Mansfield, a town nearby).
Barbie* One of Wes' aunts. Barbie lives in "Astoria" Oregon (Warrenton, actually). (FYI: Astoria is where all of Wes' father's side of the family is from.) Barbie has a peculiar place in this: On the one hand, she supports Priscilla's argument that "the [grand]kids" shouldn't be exposed to gay guys. On the other, her daughter Charlene* is one of Wes' closest cousins.
Joy* Also one of Wes' aunts. Married to an otherwise kind man who has also bought the gays want "special rights" lie. Joy is the least "close" of the relatives, as she lived in Colorado when Wes was growing up. That doesn't mean anything bad, just that Wes wasn't around her nearly as much as the others. She lives in Oregon's capitol, Salem.
Magnum, Titan & Magnum* The law firm hired by Priscilla, Queen of the Northwest.
Marge* One of Wes' aunts. Marge lives in the family hometown of Astoria, Oregon. She has a really big heart. Wes really likes her.
Patricia Wes' mom who is long-divorced from Wes' dad. Patricia loves Tom. Related, she becomes very angry when Wes' nephew Michael* (Alice's son / Patricia's grandson) tells her that Priscilla doesn't want Tom to go to The Uncles' Party.
Swede Wes' dad. (Priscilla's blood-brother.)
William* Wes' uncle.

* Indicates name changed.

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