Wes' mother, Patricia

March 25, 193? - June 6th, 2000


Mother, Wesley, nephew & sister in Fort Worth, 1987:  Tada!
Mother, Wesley, nephew & sister in Fort Worth, 1987: Tada!

Life could be fun and silly



- Obituary -

Patricia Ann [last name omitted for privacy] was a devoted daughter, protective mother and courageous individual. Throughout her life, Pat stood up for what she believed in and spoke out against injustice, despite societal pressures. By her example she taught the same to her children. Pat registered voters for Kennedy's 1960 election. Pat protested the war in Vietnam before it became popular to do so. She instructed her daughters to be aware of sexual discrimination issues, pointing out discrepancies in insurance and employment. Pat used this awareness to her advantage, becoming an accomplished flirt. Many men succumbed to her charms. She worked hard to provide a good life for her children. Pat believed in living life to the fullest, having an appreciation of fine arts, fine dining and small pleasures. Laying on a blanket on a warm spring day, tumbling in the yard with her grandson and a perfect schuss on a blue diamond slope were great sources of joy. As her physical abilities declined, bridge became the main focus of Pat's entertainment. She enjoyed the camaraderie of her many bridge partners and opponents. Pat remained fiercely independent to the end of her life despite the difficulties and obstacles she faced suffering from a debilitating illness. She is survived by her children, Alice, Susan and Wesley; and grandson, Jordan.



- Further background -

Here is the note I sent out to a few close friends the day after my mother died June 6th:

Hello close friends!

My mother chose to end her physical decline on Tuesday.
Mother had called a family meeting, so my sisters had come to Austin from DFW and the three of us discovered her, peacefully in bed.
It was not unexpected, as she was very near the point of requiring assistance for daily living, which she did not want.
Plus, she'd been methodically and openly putting her affairs in order, complete with updated will, arranging prepaid funeral plans, etc.
It was a long day Tuesday at her house.
First paramedics came in response to the 911 call my sister Susan made. (We didn't want them to attempt resuscitation but sending paramedics is standard procedure.)
Then since it appeared she had died by suicide, the Austin Police Department came to investigate.
(Thankfully Mother had made things very clear, hand-writing a note explaining her actions, leaving out the bottles of what she had taken, and also a Living Will.)
Then APD homicide came, also as standard procedure.
Then the medical examiner.
Plus an APD Victim's Assistance Person, who sat with us through the entire thing.
It was midnight by the time I got home.

Later today I am heading up to DFW. The services are being held at Lucas Funeral Home (1321 Precinct Line Rd., Hurst, TX 76053, 817-284-7271) at 1:30 on Friday.

Love from Austin,


- Mother's marker -

My sisters and I had a special bronze marker made (see below) and had it placed on her birthday March 25, 2002. That evening we sat around and shared memories to celebrate my mother's spirit.

Mother's marker

Mother was elusive about her birth year, so we continued the tradition on her marker.

Mother's marker



Mother's wedding picture, 1952

Mother's wedding picture, 1952


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