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Letter Four

Priscilla Is Peeved

February 10, 1994

We received your update and I just want to respond to a few things you had to say.

In your update you wrote about going to Washington D.C. to do your part to counter the lies, hysteria and hatred being promulgated by the so-called religious right in its push to eliminate civil rights for homosexuals. I guess, since I have taken a stand against homosexuality, you have now lumped me and everyone who believes homosexuality to be morally wrong to be against civil rights. I believe, as people, you and all homosexuals already have civil rights and are entitled to and receive as much as everyone else. But no, you want more. You want minority status and you want us to say homosexuality is okay, and there is where the dividing line comes in. A behavior (especially a sexual behavior) does not merit minority status. I would have thought that as much time as you spent with me and my family you would have known that we are not extremists nor do we deny people their rights. We included you in our family and tried to help you. I found your letter to be hostile and angry. You have adopted a defiant attitude towards people who do not agree with your lifestyle.

From what I learned and saw about the homosexual day in D.C., I sure wouldn't be proud to associate myself with it even if I were homosexual. The behavior was lewd and sickening. It appeared that homosexuals have no control over their sexual urges, they act like animals and do their "rights" wherever and whenever the urge hits. The news media, who was so in favor of homosexuality, would not even show the behavior on TV as they knew it would turn people off and those who had started to join in on the homosexuals side would change their minds. C-Span was the only station that carried the disgusting behavior. I don't know why they weren't arrested for indecent behavior and exposure. If it would have been heterosexual people acting that way they would have been arrested. Talk about discrimination.

Next the statement of "why work until you die" makes me wonder if you, Tom and the others are not using the system and by doing so depriving others of their rights. If you are all so sick and unable to work and believe you are entitled to social security disability, how in the world do you find the strength and energy to take part in marches and travel to Disneyworld. The money you are using to have fun on deprives old people and those who are truly disabled and cannot support themselves.

I believe the homosexuals agenda is to destroy christianity and families. They care only about furthering their lifestyle. They don't care about the rest of the world. The money being spent for a cure for AIDS (the homosexual disease) is creating a havoc with our medical system. The insistence of the homosexuals for a cure for aids at the expense of all other illnesses is a farce, especially since we all know HIV/AIDS is a virus and there has never been a cure for a virus. Some countries have finally admitted that the only way to stop the spread of this disease is thru change of behavior and isolation. The government requires all other sexually transmitted diseases to be reported to the health department and that those people they were involved with be notified in order to control the spread of the diseases. For some reason HIV/AIDs do not have to comply with the rules, which would really give a true picture of this disease. Some homosexuals even want to lower the consenual age for young boys - I am sure you have heard of NAMBLA. They do not care if they get these children involved with a lifestyle that means certain death.

The N.0.W. organization is mostly lesbians and discontented women. They do nor represent the mainstream women. You should take the time to talk to other women and you would learn that the N.0.W. group is not representative of the majority of women. They are trying to undermine the family by doing away with the head of the household that traditionally is male. They are the backers of the Planned Parenthood that supports abortion, even for children, without regard for their safety. They fail to acknowledge that the more sexual partners a woman has the greater degree of cancers and disease a woman will have. They fail to state that young girls' bodies are not ready for a sexual active life. By pushing for abortion they are doing away with families. N.o.w. is an organization that most women dislike, they are a group of women with distorted views. If I were you, I would search for a much better woman role model than Patricia Ireland.

You also wrote about your hero-friends, Don and Stuart, who recently died of AIDS and that they had been together for 52 years. Does it not make you wonder that if they were faithful to each other and had a monogamous relationship how they developed AIDS. Or does this case further the belief that HIV/AIDS is a homosexual disease spread by deviated sexual acts among the homosexuals, and spread into the heterosexual population by unfaithfulness, bi-sexuals and to some poor unsuspected person receiving tainted blood. Since you have seen so many of your friends die, I wonder if you have ever questioned that the lifestyle you and your friends have chosen to live and defend, is the very lifestyle that is killing you. You have seen first hand how homosexuality has devasted, ruined and destroyed lifes, yet you wish this on others by promoting the homosexual agenda and lifestyle.

I have heard the argument that homosexuals are lawyers, doctors, accountants and other professional people and they have contributed and are successful in today's world. That may be so, just as there are heterosexuals in these same professions who are likewise successful and who are "Johns", bigamist, embezzlers, drug dealers, drug and alcohol addicts, and society does not accept their behavior. It is not a profession that makes a person acceptable, but ones lifestyle or behavior.

It also appears that you have bought into the homosexual propaganda by trying to say it is the extreme religious faction who only believes homosexuality is wrong and immoral. This is not so as the majority of people believe it is morally wrong and should not be granted minority status. Homosexuality does not fall into the same catagory as race or religion.

I have (and still do) wish you happiness and what you do privately is between you and God. But when your lifestyle infringes on me and my family and threatens us and our salvation we have no choice but to stand up to what we believe is right. I am not afraid or am I a homophobic as I tried to tell you in my last letter. But I intend to protect my children and grandchildren and all families with all my strength and energy.

Because of our beliefs I am involved in the fight against the advancement of homosexuality. Betty and I have spoken against and helped defeat some homosexual Bills. We have written articles and encouraging people, christian and nonchristian, to get involved. We have sat still and been quite too long while the homosexuals have infiltrated and moved their people into important positions, such as legislators, judges, etc. and are now trying to force their way on us. We are preparing to work against the legislators and judges who are pushing homosexuality. It may be a long, hard fight, but we no longer have the choice.

Let me once again urge you to find a church that teaches the gospel-not one that has changed the Bible to suit today's moral decay. I do not know how to help you since you are not willing to help yourself. Go home to your dad and Charlene before it is to late.

I want you to know that we do care about you and that I am truly sorry you have chosen a lifestyle of self destruction. You had so much to offer and the ability to accomplish it but instead you are intent on destroying yourself and others.

We will keep you in our prayers.

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