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Letter Eleven, July 1995

Wes' Mom Writes Priscilla

July 26, 1995

Dear Priscilla,

This is Wesley's mother writing to you. Frankly, I don't give a damn what you think, but there are a few things you should know about Wesley and about Tom, too.

Wesley is a very intelligent person with a keen sense of humor who is alot of fun to be with. He has a love of music that is contagious to those around him, for example Michael, Genevieve's son, has become interested in music and dance mostly due to Wesley's influence.

He is a very thoughtful person. He calls me every week because he knows that it's hard for me to get around.

If you don't want to be around him, that's your loss, not his. I remember you as a lazy housekeeper that expected to be waited on when you came to visit. I'm surprised you got off your butt long enough to buy the reading material that you've been devouring.

You are a small person whose biggest accomplishment in life is sitting around the coffee table, gossiping about other people. While you have wasted many years doing that, my son Wesley, who I am very proud of, graduated from college, got a several jobs that required brains, retired with a pension from one of those jobs, bought several classy cars, did his own laundry (since he was 12, by the way) cleaned his room and kept it clean.

You can't stand it because he has someone he loves and who loves him in return. I thank God for Tom and for his special place in Wesley's life. They are happy together.

Love comes in many faces. If you were a true Christian, that would be the important point - love, not hate that you are fostering and posturing to your grandchildren.

If you ever had the opportunity to visit them in the home they made together, you would see what a warm and comfortable place it is, full of Tom's warmth. Their home shows just what wonderful, talented people they both are. There's nothing scary about it. They don't drag little children in off the street!

Quit scaring the children with scary stories. If you knew them like I know them, you would like them.


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