Applying the Rope Harness

The following group of (graphic - nude) pictures will give you
some idea of the process in applying the Rope Harness

The pictures are rather time consuming to load. I think you will find them worth the wait! Take the time being used to load them by tying each step on someone "close"

If male nudity and bondage offend you, don't contintue past this message.
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I will continue to update this page with text instructions as time permits.
Remember, practice makes perfect.

(Also remember to stay SAFE and have FUN!)

The Ropeman has commanded !

The "Rope Harness" which is pictured here has actually been around for
a long time. Many variations of it can be seen throughout pictures and
drawings in many bondage magazines and leather publications. I came
across the design in Drummer Magazine #105 about 2 years ago and began
attempting to tie it on myself (a very strange sight to watch!)
Finally, last year at The River's Edge (an alternative lifestyles
campground in Dewy Rose Georgia) I found several VERY willing souls to
"experiment" on.
Step 1 in the process is to determine the center point of a piece of
rope 35 ' to  100'long, depending on what you want to do with the
subject. The shorter the rope the easier it is to deal with. Try the
35' length until you get the hang of it, then add more length and
become more creative later. This black piece is 75 feet.

At the halfway point in it's length, tie an overhand knot making a
loop 3 or 4 inches long and place the rope over the subjects head with
the loop at the level of the shoulder blade.

Keep the knot in place and tie another overhand knot at a point on the
subjects chest equal to the spot which corresponds to the bottom of
the loop at the shoulder blades.

Drop down several inches (depending on the size of the subject) and
tie another overhand knot.

At a point about half way between the belly button and the shaft of
his cock, tie another overhand knot.

You now have a loop in the back and three knots down the front of the

The next knot is a FUN ONE! Run the two strands of rope to either
side of the subjects balls and up the crack of his ass. Holding the
rope in one hand, locate the subjects asshole with your finger
adjacent to the rope. Mark the spot and remove the rope from his

Tie one (or two or more) overhand knots at this point. Make sure not
to loose the marked position. Once done. Replace the rope around the
balls and up the ass crack. Locate the knot(s) and the asshole.
Position the knot at EXACTLY at that spot!

This SPECIAL knot has many uses. The one I think it was designed for,
is to hold a Butt Plug in place. It does that very nicely too! It also
allows the subject to "Feel" the knot without a Butt Plug in place,
every time he walks, moves or sits.

Now run the entire rope up the subjects back and through the loop at
his shoulder blades. Pull it through completely. Be careful at this
point not to pull to tight. Not because of the knot in his ass but
because the rope going over the shoulders becomes tighter as the
harness is being built. At the end of the construction it can become
unbearable (for some) and has to be removed to be loosened.

Now pull each end of the rope to the front of the subject from each
side. loop it in between the two top knots and pull completely through
and back around each side to the back of the subject again.

At the subjects back, loop the rope under the vertical strand of rope
and back to the front again.

This time loop the rope, from each side, between the two knots at the
belly button and pull through completely.

You should now have two "diamonds" of rope down the front of your
subject and a loop, a large diamond and a knot in his ass, in back.

The next portion is a little tricky. Bring each end of the rope from
the belly button diamond to the "Y" of your subjects butt. Thread
behind and back toward the front of each side of the "Y". What this
should do when you put tension from right and left, is to separate the
rope at the "Y" acting somewhat like a spring. Seperate from right to
left far enough to permit the rope to cross one another. This
seperation will create another diamond.

Wrap around the sides of your subject once again and thread through the opening between the shaft of his dick and the knot just below his belly button. Thread this completely through.

Wrap the ends around the sides of his thighs (following the natural lines of his butt cheeks) and then between his legs, up on either side of his cock and balls. Wrap several times around them and tie a square knot above at the base of the shaft (or below his balls to lift and emphasize them more!)

There's more to come! Enjoy these for now...

And Finally (for now 9/27/97) YES, the harness IS multi-functional!!

Remember to play safe
Check your subjects hands, feet, arms, fingers, etc for lack of circulation
A sure sign that circulation is restricted
is if the area is cool to the touch or turning blue (DUU-UUH!)

Bondage can be fun and sensual for all concerned if it's done right
If it's not fun for both partys - Something is wrong

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